About the School

The School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) is one of the constituent units of the newly created College of Basic and Applied Sciences. Its mandate is to provide quality science education through teaching, research and dissemination of research findings. The School is headed by a Dean whose mandate is to provide academic and administrative leadership to the School.



SPMS is made up of the following Departments:

·        Department of Chemistry

·        Department of Computer Science

·        Department of Earth Science

·        Department of Mathematics

·        Department of Physics

·        Department of Statistics


Our Mission

Our mission is to train innovative physical and mathematical scientists with cutting edge knowledge of discipline, who will drive the national science policy with utmost diligence and excellence thereby bringing the University and the Nation abreast of current state of knowledge and progress in the field of science.


Our Programmes

The six departments offer a wide and diverse range of disciplines in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Departments from other University of Ghana faculties contribute to science teaching at all levels, allowing students to choose elective courses from biological, nuclear, behavioural, and environmental sciences. Our undergraduate degree programmes are designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge, competence and skills that will enable them to lead and achieve at the highest level in their chosen profession. The programmes also assist students to develop independence, leadership and life-long learning skills. SPMS offers the following programmes:

Undergraduate (BSc)

1.      Actuarial Science

2.       Chemistry

3.      Computer Science

4.      Earth Science

5.      Geophysics

6.      Information Technology

7.      Mathematics

8.      Physics

9.      Statistics

Postgraduate (MSc/MPhil/PhD)

1.      Actuarial Science

2.      Applied Geophysics

3.      Applied Geochemistry

4.      Computer Science

5.      Geology

6.      Hydrogeology

7.      Industrial Chemistry

8.      Mathematics

9.      Medicinal Chemistry

10.  Mineral Exploration

11.  Oil and Gas Chemistry

12.  Organic Chemistry

13.  Petroleum Geoscience

14.  Physical Chemistry

15.  Physics

16.  Statistics



Specific areas of research focus are in the following broad areas:

·         Condensed Matter

·         Environmental Physics

·         Energy Studies

·         Natural Product Chemistry

·         Medicinal Chemistry

·         Computational Chemistry, Molecular Modeling and X-ray Crystallography

·         Environmental Chemistry

·         Groundwater vulnerability studies

·         Environmental impact of mining in Ghana

·         Geology and mineral resources of Ghana

·         Numerical analysis and scientific computing with applications to image processing and differential geometry

·         Wireless application and economic impact


We welcome your interest and support. To learn more about our current activities, follow the links to the various Departments.