School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences to Partner Newmont Ghana

The School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) held a meeting with Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd (Newmont) on February 11, 2019. Newmont was represented by Madam Georgina Bartels (Regional Talent Management Manager) and Dr. Osenkor Gogo (Communications Specialist), while SPMS was represented by the Ag. Dean, Heads of the various Departments under the School, and the School Administrator.

The meeting was called at the instance of Newmont, and the purpose was for the company to formalise its relationship with the School and to establish a steady partnership for the benefit of both parties.

According to the team from Newmont, the company has a program dubbed Newmont Africa Regional University Strategy through which it engages Universities. The program has two structures: Strategic Partnerships, and Valued Partnerships. The University of Ghana was selected to benefit from the Valued Partnership program. This program would enable University graduates gain employment with Newmont through the Underground Local Talent Program (for graduates in local communities) and Underground Graduate Talent Program (for graduates in other areas of Ghana). Newmont also provides charitable funding to the University’s programs, and academic partnerships with the University to achieve mutual goals.

The Heads of Department introduced their respective programs and spoke briefly about ongoing research projects within the Departments. The Ag. Dean stated that SPMS could support Newmont through the provision of consultancy services, and research and development of products.

The parties agreed to collaborate in areas of academic prize sponsorships, internships, student and faculty educational tours, and curriculum development.